Staples are out and . . .

Wooooohoooooo!!!!!!!  I got my staples out yesterday!!!  Dad got me up early, loaded me in the truck, and hauled me to the Vet’s office, at the horrible hour of 8am!!  (seriously, who does anything before at least 9???)  We got to go back to “my” room, and the doc came in, poked and prodded and started in with that little set of pliers on my stump.  He did a pretty good job, I only had to let him know he was hurting me twice!  (there sure were a lot of those little things he put in me!!)  After that, he rubbed all around my stump and hip, stood up and said “Look’s like my work here is done!!”  Him and Dad shook hands, and we left.  The nice girl at the front desk seemed kind of sad, something about not getting to see me anymore??  Why wouldn’t she get to see me anymore??  I will have to ask Dad about that!

Next, we went to what Dad calls “our Vet”.  What’s the difference??  Anyway, I got to meet the girls at the front desk, they seemed nice, and what Dad called “my Vet”.  Hmm, I get my own personal Doctor??  Hopefully, I wont need to see her all that often.  I mean, she seems really nice, but that place she is at is kinda stinky, with all these weird smells!!  But, they do have really good cookies!!!

After that, we went to someplace called a park.  Dad says they are having an “event” there this weekend, and if I am lucky, I might get to go and meet all kinds of people!!  Then we went to the pet store.  There were some people in there that must have really liked me because they kept staring at me.  Of course they liked me, I am handsome!!  Finally, we went to the french fry place.  Dad says I drooled all over him waiting for the window to open and the fries come out.  It took them long enough!!  We get home, and all my brothers and sister are waiting on me.  Murphy, Riley and Reno all took their turn sniffing my leg.  Ciera, on the other hand, just stuck her nose right on my stump, and started pushing!!  (in case I haven’t mentioned this before, my sister Ciera is a little pushy and bossy.  Mom and Dad call her a “Princess”.  I am not sure what that means, other than maybe pushy and bossy!!)

Dad shared some of these “hash browns” with us.  They are kinda like fries, but not really.  I think I like fries better!!  Mom and Dad were talking on the phone, and they seemed really excited!  The Doctor that I saw first thing this morning said something about me being “released’.  How can that be?  I still had my leash on??  Oh well.  Anyway, they were all excited and kept talking about finally being able to call this home, “officially”.  I thought I was already home??  So confusing!!

Dad says there are some big changes coming this weekend.  Hmm, wonder what those will be??  Something about Reno going to his “forever” home.  Again, I thought we were all “home”??  And this morning, Dad kicks us all out of the kitchen and puts up the baby gates, with none of us in the kitchen!!!  Something fishy is going on here!!  Yep, Dad walks in the front door with another Pyr!!!  He says his name is “Ranger” and he limps.  I hope he doesn’t have to go thru what I just went thru, but if he does, he came to the right house!!  Plus, I will be here to help him out!!

That’s all for now.  I think I need a nap!!


(Dad here:  our rescue organization would not release Hobbes for adoption until released by the attending surgeon.  Once that was done, they activated our application and put the correct dates on it.  All we have to do now is turn in the signed app!  As for Ranger, the vet seems to think he was allowed to jump too much, too far and too big as a puppy.  As a result, he may have some joint/tendon/ligament damage that we are going to try to let heal.  30 days of no running and jumping.  Plus, the previous owners had him shaved before surrendering him!!)

With Dad running errands after getting my staples out!!
With Dad running errands after getting my staples out!!


4 thoughts on “Staples are out and . . .”

  1. Hobbes what a fun filled day you had and then getting French fries…..yummy!!!! I’m so glad that you have finally found your forever home with your mom and dad!!

    And oh my goodness another new brother!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of Ranger and follow along with how he’s progressing.

    Sahana and her Angel Leland

  2. Oh Hobbes, you write THE most DELIGHTFUL posts!! You have me giggling over here…grinning ear to ear!!

    So glad you are able to adopt your humans…and bossy Ciera, and Murphy and Riley too! Looks like Reno is going to adopt his own humans too!

    And goodness gracious, now you jave Ranger coming into your pack! What a fun place!!

    You are a very, very ha dsome boy! I love your photo!

    Look forward to more updates! See if you can’t get cheese.on the fries next time!!

    CONGRATULATIONS ON STITCH RE.OVAL AND YOUR FOREVER HOME!! Good job Hobbes! You picked some.wonderful humans!!

    Hugs and slobbery kisses to ya’!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  3. WOOOOHOOO!!!! Big big congrats Hobbes, that is a HUGE milestone and one that makes a great opportunity for a big pawty. Treats for everyone!

    Seriously big, exciting changes coming up with a new brudda and all. We can’t wait to hear more, and find out about your weekend adventure. YAY!

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