Been a couple of days . . .

. . . and a lot has happened!!  Biggest thing is I finally got Dad to sit down and listen to me!!  Is he ever busy lately, with doing “home visits”, running new foster Ranger to the vet, etc.  But, I finally cornered him, so this can be all about me!!

We went to the “event” last Saturday!  It was good to get out of the house!  It was a big adoption event, I went as an “alumni”.  Not sure exactly what the means, but it must be good, right?  I was kinda mad at first, my brother Reno got to go before me!  And Dad took off really early that morning.  Something about helping to set up.  Anyway, Dad came back for me, and sis Ciera and off we went.  There was a tent to provide shade, and a big bowl of water, and lots and lots of people!!

There were a whole lot of other dogs there too!  Oh the smells!!  Dad drug me up to where the loud music was coming from and I got introduced to the whole crowd!  Everyone clapped and later came by to say “Hi”!  I got lots of scratches and treats!  We must go to these more often!!

Dad took me to meet Mona.  She is a boxer  that lost the same leg as me for the same reason!  We didn’t get to know each other too well, she was pretty tired as she had been out there all day!  Not only that, but she was deaf as well!  We said hi to one another, and then she took a nap.  I have a feeling she does that a lot!  Then it was time to go back to our tent.

We had a lot of people come up and ask about me.  They all wanted to give me scratches and cookies.  It was really hard to keep going.  I mean, lots of love, lots of treats and it was all about me!!  All in all, it was a pretty good afternoon.

I kept looking for Reno, but Dad said he went to his “forever” home.  I thought he was already there??  You humans are so confusing at times!  But, you do have ways of opening the treat jars, so I guess we k-9’s will keep you around!  Dad also said that Reno wont be coming home with us.  It sure will be quiet with out him around.  I hope he has a good life, he certainly deserves it!

Later, it was time to go home.  Mom and Dad helped pack everything up and off we went.  We got home, unloaded everything we brought home, and took a nap!  It had been a long afternoon!  Mom and Dad seemed quite excited, as they kept saying they didn’t have to worry about me going somewhere else ever again.  Does this mean I don’t get to go anywhere?  They said this “adoption” was final and that I got to hang out here.  Well, duh!!  If I wasn’t hanging here, where would I hang out at?  Again, you humans are confusing sometimes!

The only bad thing was that the day before, I got another one of those baths.  Really??   Dad used my love of helping him drive against me!  I even got my nails clipped!  It was ok for the first couple of minutes, then I got tired and laid down in the tub.  I made Dad pick me up to finish washing me.  That will teach him!!  Then he got the blow dryer out!  I am getting him back though.  I have started to lose my winter coat, a little at a time.  He thinks it is my younger brother Murphy.  Ha ha, jokes on him!!

Mom and Dad say I am making great progress.  All I know is that I am making quicker laps around the pool and I can almost beat Murphy to the fence when the little dog behind us starts barking.  I have to go make sure it knows who the boss is and that he better not come in MY yard.  Of course, little sis Ciera beats all of us. She is so quick!!

So, to recap, I got a bath (yuck!!), my brother Reno went to his forever home, I got lots of scratches and treats and my sister still has a big nose!  All in all, it has been a good week!  As soon as I get Dad to, I will have him post up some of the pics Mom took of me this past weekend.  I think now is a good time to take a nap!


Staples are out and . . .

Wooooohoooooo!!!!!!!  I got my staples out yesterday!!!  Dad got me up early, loaded me in the truck, and hauled me to the Vet’s office, at the horrible hour of 8am!!  (seriously, who does anything before at least 9???)  We got to go back to “my” room, and the doc came in, poked and prodded and started in with that little set of pliers on my stump.  He did a pretty good job, I only had to let him know he was hurting me twice!  (there sure were a lot of those little things he put in me!!)  After that, he rubbed all around my stump and hip, stood up and said “Look’s like my work here is done!!”  Him and Dad shook hands, and we left.  The nice girl at the front desk seemed kind of sad, something about not getting to see me anymore??  Why wouldn’t she get to see me anymore??  I will have to ask Dad about that!

Next, we went to what Dad calls “our Vet”.  What’s the difference??  Anyway, I got to meet the girls at the front desk, they seemed nice, and what Dad called “my Vet”.  Hmm, I get my own personal Doctor??  Hopefully, I wont need to see her all that often.  I mean, she seems really nice, but that place she is at is kinda stinky, with all these weird smells!!  But, they do have really good cookies!!!

After that, we went to someplace called a park.  Dad says they are having an “event” there this weekend, and if I am lucky, I might get to go and meet all kinds of people!!  Then we went to the pet store.  There were some people in there that must have really liked me because they kept staring at me.  Of course they liked me, I am handsome!!  Finally, we went to the french fry place.  Dad says I drooled all over him waiting for the window to open and the fries come out.  It took them long enough!!  We get home, and all my brothers and sister are waiting on me.  Murphy, Riley and Reno all took their turn sniffing my leg.  Ciera, on the other hand, just stuck her nose right on my stump, and started pushing!!  (in case I haven’t mentioned this before, my sister Ciera is a little pushy and bossy.  Mom and Dad call her a “Princess”.  I am not sure what that means, other than maybe pushy and bossy!!)

Dad shared some of these “hash browns” with us.  They are kinda like fries, but not really.  I think I like fries better!!  Mom and Dad were talking on the phone, and they seemed really excited!  The Doctor that I saw first thing this morning said something about me being “released’.  How can that be?  I still had my leash on??  Oh well.  Anyway, they were all excited and kept talking about finally being able to call this home, “officially”.  I thought I was already home??  So confusing!!

Dad says there are some big changes coming this weekend.  Hmm, wonder what those will be??  Something about Reno going to his “forever” home.  Again, I thought we were all “home”??  And this morning, Dad kicks us all out of the kitchen and puts up the baby gates, with none of us in the kitchen!!!  Something fishy is going on here!!  Yep, Dad walks in the front door with another Pyr!!!  He says his name is “Ranger” and he limps.  I hope he doesn’t have to go thru what I just went thru, but if he does, he came to the right house!!  Plus, I will be here to help him out!!

That’s all for now.  I think I need a nap!!


(Dad here:  our rescue organization would not release Hobbes for adoption until released by the attending surgeon.  Once that was done, they activated our application and put the correct dates on it.  All we have to do now is turn in the signed app!  As for Ranger, the vet seems to think he was allowed to jump too much, too far and too big as a puppy.  As a result, he may have some joint/tendon/ligament damage that we are going to try to let heal.  30 days of no running and jumping.  Plus, the previous owners had him shaved before surrendering him!!)

With Dad running errands after getting my staples out!!
With Dad running errands after getting my staples out!!


My Name is Hobbes

I got a bath!!  Dad is here, so it isn't too bad!
I got a bath!! Dad is here, so it isn’t too bad!
Dad has the "clicky thingy" going again!!
Dad has the “clicky thingy” going again!!

So, here I am.  My name is now Hobbes.  I was found on the side of the road with a broken leg.  After a long stay at the local shelter for something they called a “stray hold”, I was finally taken to a kind and loving hospital were they put pins in my leg.  My femur was broken in two places and the bone was split.  To say that hurt would be an understatement!!

It was scary, I will be honest.  But I knew something good was going to come from all of this.  In a still dazed state this really nice couple came and got me from the hospital.  I was taken to a strange house, with lots of strange smells.  At first, I thought this kind of sucked, I was kept in a small area, but my “foster dad” and “foster mom” were always there.  They gave me food (I didn’t eat much in the beginning) and water and took me out when I needed to.

Whenever I woke up, they were there.  Alot of the time, they had really good cookies for me.  They said it had “medicine” in it, but it was good!!!

I also got to meet others like me, thru a “baby gate”.  My brother Murphy growled at me.  My sister Ciera has a really big nose!  Little brother Riley is half my size.  My brother Max went over the “Rainbow Bridge” soon after I got “home”. There was a bunch of sadness around then, but I think I helped make that go away!  Mom and Dad keep talking about me being a “foster fail”.  I don’t know what that is yet, but if it involves me, it can’t be all that bad, can it??

So, here I am.  My leg didn’t heal like I, or mom and dad or the Vet wanted, so I got taken back to the same hospital.  I woke up and my leg was gone!!  It must have been bad, otherwise why would I be where I am if it wasn’t??  But, ever since my accident, I have not really used my leg anyway.  It kind of held me back.  I would try to play with my brothers and sister, but my leg would get in the way.  Now, I just have to get used to not having the weight and hope that my brothers and sister still want to play!!

So now, my life isn’t all that bad.  I have a mom and dad that still love me.  I still get fed and I get really good “cookies”!  Dad and I go to the patio and hang out after he gets home from this “work” thing.  Mom dotes on me and gives me lots of attention when she gets home from this “work” thing as well.

I am going to have dad post some pics of me, at least the ones of me not drooling all over the place!!  So, for now, I am going to take a nap.  I am sure I will need to bark at leaves, birds, trees or any other thing that looks slightly sketchy later on!!


Soon after surgery and getting to run in the backyard!
Soon after surgery and getting to run in the backyard!
On the patio with Dad.  It was kinda chilly so I got a blanky!
On the patio with Dad. It was kinda chilly so I got a blanky!